Tallinna Ülikooli Üliõpilasesindus

The elections for the Tallinn University Student Union Representative Council have begun


Come and apply, because the council is an important representative and decision-making body at the university, where we, active students, can have a say on important issues. The council deals with various issues such as higher education funding, sustainable development of the university, well-being of international students, and much more. Your candidacy provides an opportunity to highlight the voice of all students at the university and ensure that they are heard.

As a council member, you can contribute to securing the best budget and leadership for the student body. The council is a place where we can openly express concerns, make proposals, and initiate projects to improve the situation. The role of a council member offers invaluable experience, the opportunity to learn about the functioning of the university, develop teamwork skills, and create lasting friendships.

As a council member, you also become involved in solving students’ concerns, participating in national-level important issues, and contributing to the work of committees and working groups. This opens the door to gaining basic knowledge about the workings of a civil society organization and allows you to participate in various events.

The application period lasts from February 13 to March 10, 2024, and voting takes place from March 18 to March 31, 2024. If elected, the council member’s mandate lasts until the next regular elections. All Tallinn University students are welcome to apply and vote. If you do not wish to run yourself, encourage your friends to do so! Fill out the council elections application and send it to spiiker@esindus.ee. After submitting the application, we will send you an email with questions that will help you introduce yourself better. The results will be announced in mid-April.