Tallinna Ülikooli Üliõpilasesindus

Student Union

The student union is managed by the student union board, which manages the various units of the student body and under which the staff works. The board is elected by the council every year in May. All Tallinn University students who are studying at Tallinn University at the time of application can apply for the board. A board member may not belong to any political party during his term of office.

The board of the student union has 3-7 members.

The chairman of the board is responsible for general management, information, administrative and economic areas, external relations and the functioning of representatives in various units.

The vice-chairman of the board in the field of social policy is responsible for access to higher education (including counseling, tuition fees, learning environment, well-being of students with special needs, student housing, children’s room) and the social and health well-being of the student population.

The advisor to the board is responsible for the coordination and development of various events in the field of education and advises the board on organizational and educational issues.

The staff includes a secretary and a communication specialist. The secretary coordinates the work of volunteers and is responsible for the sales area of ​​the NGO. The communication specialist manages the media channels of the student body.

The student body of Tallinn University is also a part of various decision-making bodies of the university, for example, we protect the interests of students in the Senate of Tallinn University, at the general meetings of various unions, in the council of the Union of Estonian Students’ Unions, in the councils of various institutes and much more.

The TLÜ student body representative has been a member of the Estonian Student Union (EÜL) since 1991. EÜL is a student umbrella organization founded in 1991 that represents the Estonian student body. The main goal of EÜL is to stand up for the educational and socioeconomic rights and interests of students.


Tallinn University students participate extensively in the management of the university and are aware of their educational, social, cultural and societal opportunities and actively use them.


The mission of the student body of Tallinn University is to stand up for the rights and interests of students and promote development opportunities.


  • Humanity and people-centeredness
  • Courage (speak up, express your opinion)
  • Engagement and collaboration
  • Transparency