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Student Council of the Institute of Humanities - TÜHI ÜN

The Student Council of the Institute of Humanities, or TÜHI ÜN, gathers and unites students of the Institute of Humanities. Whether you are a philosopher with a thirst for knowledge, a fanatic of history or an enthusiast of languages and cultures – TÜHI ÜN is waiting for JUST YOU to contribute to the student life of the institute and be a part of it!

TÜHI ÜN is essentially a bridge between students and the institute: the student council represents the students of the Humanities Institute, stands up for their interests and rights and ensures that their voice and opinion is heard not only in the institute, but also in the entire university.

However, the activity of the student council is not limited to this – TÜHI ÜN provides students with the latest and most recent information about studies and the academic side of the university as well as various social events and events. More than that, TÜHI ÜN also exists to give advice to students, help them solve all kinds of problems related to their studies, and support them in implementing various ideas – whether they are to improve the quality of education or to enrich the students’ social life! In addition to all this, TÜHI ÜN coordinates and organizes very different, versatile, great, colorful, academic and social events – all this so that the university time spent at the Institute of Humanities is not a waste!

TÜHI is where thought moves – come and move it and JOIN TODAY!

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If you have joys, worries or thoughts to share and discuss, then:

Annaliisa Lipp- TÜHI chairman

Jüri-Artur Mae- cultural director of TÜHI