Tallinna Ülikooli Üliõpilasesindus

Student Council of the Institute of Natural and Health Sciences - LTI ÜN

The LTI Student Council (hereinafter LTI ÜN) brings together the students of the Institute of Natural Sciences from the disciplines of biology, integrated natural sciences, physical education, recreation management, environmental management, psychology or integrated technologies and crafts!

The goal of LTI ÜN is to make students’ lives more colorful. We organize both grand and smaller events, and all of these events are memorable and unique. Students of other institutes also know exactly when, for example, the LTI Winter Party (the trump card of LTI ÜN) and the spring and autumn hikes, which have become very close to their hearts, are taking place. If there are no events taking place at the moment, LTI ÜN is certainly not boring – the members are good friends and the lounge has a nice free atmosphere.

In addition to parties and outings, we respect the quality of education and think about your future. Throughout the year, we have science film evenings, discussions and meetings with specialists in various fields, excursions to closed institutions, and of course we are the point of contact between you and the institute. We will help you if you have a problem with studies, teachers or something similar, and we will guide you if you don’t know exactly where to turn.

The members of LTI ÜN are active, fun and motivated world improvers, who believe that studying at the university should be more than just listening to lectures. If you feel that such power lies within you, then LTI ÜN is waiting for you to join us!

We like new friends and good team members, so if you feel that you want to get a little more from the university than book knowledge, you are welcome to join LTI ÜN! JOIN TODAY!

Be in touch!

If you have joys, worries or thoughts to share and discuss, then:

Reio Astla- LTI board member in the field of culture

Karmen Laidre- LTI board member in the field of communication

Andra Hiisjärv- LTI board member in the field of education